Why Millionaires Coupon

Some people feel embarrassed to use coupons because they are afraid to be looked upon as being cheap or worst, poor. Here is a simple fact that could probably change these people’s minds about couponing.

Many millionaires use coupons as part of their savings strategies. Millionaires do bother about dollar-off coupons and use them to stretch their income.

Millionaires look at the money they are able to save using coupons and invest during a lifetime and not at the money they save during a single shopping trip. They tend to look at the bigger picture. The primary reason why millionaires stringently follow their prepared shopping lists based on available coupons is to pursue savings that can then be reinvested. 

A case in point could be a family that spends $200/week for groceries can cut that expense by 5% by using coupons, buying in bulk and adopting other cost-cutting practices. If you invest the money saved week in and week out, it could ultimately grow to $500K.

Using coupons is one way millionaires acquire and retain their wealth, i.e., through effective, efficient and prudent money management. It is a common way well-off people spend their dollars wisely.

Wealthy people also use coupons because it enables them to end up with something extra for contributions to their favorite charities and take tax deductions for these donations.

Some million-earning celebrities, ranging from Hollywood stars to professional athletes clip coupons for groceries to eating out to just about anything. This habit may stem from humble upbringings or may be a reflection of their innate ability to appreciate the value of a dollar saved.

Professional basketball player Carmelo Anthony makes sure to tear the coupons out of the newspaper before going to the supermarket to save a dollar or two.

Actress Kristen Bell uses a lot of coupons and almost exclusively shop with coupons particularly Bed, Bath & Beyond’s 20% Off One Item offer which she gets through the mail.

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar clips coupons all the time thinking why she should be paying more for something someone else pays less for.

2018 Oscar Nominee Lady Gaga wonders why people think she’s crazy when she uses coupons at grocery stores.

Former National Football League quarterback Tim Hasselbeck is a bonafide coupon guy, aware of how much things cost and what savings can be made out of couponing.

Professional basketball player Roy Hibbert makes sure he uses a newspaper coupon, when he has one, when eating out in restaurants.

TV Personality Kourtney Kardashian became a coupon addict after watching an episode of Extreme Couponing.

Two time Oscar winner Hilary Swank says couponing is in her blood, growing up with the habit and seeing coupons as dollar bills when she opens up the newspaper.

Actress Tiffani Thiessen stands proud to use coupons when buying healthy food growing up watching her mom clipping coupons.

Multiple Grammy winner Carrie Underwood clips coupons for her weekly grocery shopping trips provided she doesn’t forget them.

So, you see, using coupons doesn’t translate to being cheap or poor, clipping coupons just means you are a savvy and smart shopper.


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